Our Body Work and Paint Process

At GunnerZ we can handle any kind of paint work from concourse restoration using original colors to a resto-mod or hot rod using custom paint.  Our paint technicians are PPG Certified with 25+ years experience.

The first step in our body work process is to media blast the car to allow for a clean surface and will reveal any need for rust removal.  If the car is in need of rust removal, our skilled technicians will do the necessary metal work and fabrication. 

Next, the car is prepared for epoxy to protect the car from rusting.  This is accomplished by using a wash primer followed by an epoxy primer that will cure for 7 days.  Now the car is ready for body work!

The body work begins with the application of a prep epoxy which is followed by a skin coat of polyester products.  A polyester primer is then applied to the car and is recoated as needed. Throughout this procedure there are many hours of blocking to smooth the car's body.  Finally, the car will be ready for paint.

Our Paint Booth

Our paint booth is side down draft equipped with extra fine media filters and furnace systems.  It has a 3 tank Desiccant dryer system designed to protect the paint form contamination and is lined with 72 (18-4'4") fluorescent tube fixtures with daylight bulbs for optimal lighting.  We use state of the art Saata RP guns and the Deltron 2000 (DBC) line.